FAQs about Redeeming the Rewards you have received:


Q. Can I order more Gift Vouchers than I have Rewards and pay for the difference?

A. No. This portal has been designed only for rewards. Not for individual purchases.


Q. Can I use multiple Reward Coupons for the same order?

A. Yes. You can use as many Reward Coupons per order as you like.


Q. Can I use a single Reward Coupon for multiple orders?

A. No. Reward Coupons need to be fully utilized in one order only.


Q. I have Reward Coupons as well as Reward Points. Can I use them both for the same order?

A. Yes. You can use both in the same order.


Q. Can I change my mind after I have placed an order?

A. No. Once you have placed an order, you cannot make any change.


Q. Can I send Gift Vouchers to anyone else?

A. Yes. All Gift Vouchers issued are digital and fully transferable. So, you can give it to anyone else.


Q. Is it compulsory that I have to login?

A. Yes. Logging in is compulsory to place your order.


Q. Who do I contact for any support?

A. You can email rewards@offineeds.com or call 8088009009 for any issues or for support.


Q. How do I use the Reward Coupons/Points that I have received?

A. Click Here How It Works to see step by step how you can place your order.



FAQs about Purchasing Rewards:


Q. What is Rewards by OffiNeeds?

A. Rewards by OffiNeeds is a portal where you can gift Rewards in the form of coupon or points. The recipient can them visit this portal and redeem those rewards, by placing an order for Gift Voucher of any brand of his/her choice that is listed here. They will then receive the Gift Voucher of the brands of their choice via email within 48 hours of placing the order.


Q. What is the difference between Reward Coupons & Reward Points

A. Reward Coupons are ideal for adhoc gifting requirements that may come up any time. Here, the recipient gets a coupon code that he/she can use to place orders for Gift Vouchers of their choice. This is a one-time use.

If you would like to create an ongoing rewards program for loyalty or performance, Reward Points may be a better option for you. In such cases, we create an account for the recipients on this site and keep crediting Reward points to them as frequently as you like.


Q. How can I customize Reward Coupons?

A. Reward Coupons can be customized with your logo and your event/occasion. This can be done on the printed Coupons or PDFs.


Q. How can I gift the Reward Coupons to someone?

A. If you are going to meet the person you are going to Gift the coupons to, you can order printed coupons and hand it over to them. If not, you can choose to email the Reward Coupons.


Q. How to secure are the Reward Coupons?

A. The Reward Code printed on the Reward Coupon or sent via email can be used by anyone to redeem on this website. It is as good as currency. So, it is your responsibility to handle it that way and ensure it is taken care of.


Q. What if some coupons are lost? Can it be disabled?

A. No. Once issued, Reward Coupons cannot be disabled.


Q. What is the validity of the Reward Coupons?

A. Reward Coupons come with lifetime validity. They don’t expire. However, once they have ordered the Gift Voucher of their favourite brands, those vouchers have an expiry date - usually 1 year.